Barcode Labels

PCMA software and service offerings provide the option to enter information utilizing a bar code scanner.  Barcode labels are actually created through a process that creates a image of each label for higher quality printing, especially compared to ones created barcodes created through fonts.  Nexxus Gate has integrated this "barcode imaging" into their software programs.  Barcodes are generated automatically through the program based upon the information entered by the end user in initial set-up.  The programs all have a "bar code printing area" or button within the opening screen.  Users merely click on the print bar code button, choose the variables to print such as the names of individuals served, unusual incident types, challenging behavior types, objectives, etc.

Barcode labels can print to regular paper or to standard address labels.  The scanners work through up to 3 milimeter. laminate, so data sheets can be set up, then laminated for durability.  By using the labels, practitioners and facilities can set up data sheets on smaller index cards, place sleep data labels on bed posts, or place labels next to individual's work stations (particularly for skills acquisition and positive behaviors to assure that individuals are praised and reinforced when positive behaviors are displayed).

Our new OPN 2001 Scanners can hold up to 10,000 scans and recharge when plugged into a running computer with USB compatibility. These scanners are a significant upgrade from our former scanners that were limited to holding 166 scans and would only complete 5000 scans before the batteries needed replacement. For more information on the OPN 2001 scanner please click here for a downloadable pdf document.