Email PDF

By working with the on site system administrator, facilities and practitioners can send reports and graphs in PDF format directly from the software application. Administrators set up an e-mail library within the program of those needing to receive reports. By utilizing this system, professionals can notify others, in real time, regarding situations within the population served (e.g. a sudden uptick in occurrence of aggression within a home). By using the PDF format, the information is not able to be edited by the end viewer within the sent report. Data, of course, can be edited within the PCMA application to change results, if needed. The benefit of this is that HIPPA compliance is maintained by the facility, while the free flow of necessary information is maintained.

Another great outcome is a huge savings in time by sending the PDF directly from the system, rather than saving/exporting the report, then opening an e-mail, then attaching the file and sending the e-mail. One step versus five means a significant savings in time, keeping your professionals focused on the persons served, rather than e-mails and other distractions.