Medications are an integral part of any intervention and/or service provided in the human services field. Medications affect all areas of a person's functioning: behavior, motor function, health, skills acquisition, etc. Even other medications can be affected. PCMA software applications are not designed to replace pharmacy software. The medications portion of PCMA applications is designed to assist professionals in tracking the effects of those medications on other variables. Medications are automatically placed in the graphing portion of the application as phase lines so that the effects on graphed variables are apparent to the viewer. Medication phase lines can also be removed from graphs for clarity of trends, etc..

To input medications, users enter the medications interface, indicate the dosage, units, and type of medication. The application takes it from there and places the medications in the relevant graphs and reports. When medications are entered in the system as phase lines, the lines "move with the graph", that is, they are placed on the correct date for the medication change.