Phase and Event Lines

Many oversight bodies and standards, including Medicaid and IDEA require training facilities, schools, intermediate and long term care facilities and other programs to show that non-medicinal interventions have been tried prior to giving medications and/or to show that goals and objectives are in place to provide training and teaching to the persons they serve..

By using graphic data with phase and/or event lines, professionals can look at environmental, training, and medical interventions to see if these changes or phases and events have had an effect on behavior and learning (skills acquisition).  To note significant changes to medications, the environment, or programming (as well as family visits or other major events), practitioners need only go to the phase and event line area, and type in the date and the change.  These changes are then available in the graphing and reports areas.  Lines can be added and removed from the graphs and reports to see what effect those events or phases had on the variables tracked by the system.  For example, if a facility moved the vocational program to a smaller building and a family member felt that a client's behavior problems stemmed from that move, a practitioner would simply enter the date of the move and look on either side of the line to see if frequency or trends in behavior and unusual incidents had changed.