Bed Check and Sleep Charting Software

Bed Check and Sleep Charting are necessary in all facilities providing services to others. It is important for administrators and oversight agencies to know these bed checks are occurring per policy, procedure, regulations, and laws. Scan Graphix utilizes a bar code scanner to allow staff members to scan sleep data. The dates and times of the scans are not editable in the Scan Graphix system. This means that data is assured to be an accurate reflection of staff activities. Data is very quickly and easily entered by staff members utilizing the hand held scanner.  Sleep data
is charted using 3 categories:  asleep, awake, and bathroom.  Data scatterplots using 15, 30, or 60 minute increments.  Scatterplots are plotted using military time on the Y axis and days of the month on the X axis.  This allows the system to show one month's worth of sleep data at a time.

For use in: Features:
Hospitals Bar code data entry is fast, accurate, and reliable
Nursing Homes
Long Term Care Facilities Barcodes print to labels for maximum accountability
Community Residential Providers
Residential Treatment Programs Data cannot be edited without rights to edit
Specialized Schools
ICF/DD System tracks all user activity in the application
Any human service provider
    Rights and roles in the application make it secure and safe

Our bed check/sleep charting system is just one of the many great features of the Scan Graphix and CARES applications offered by PCMA software solutions.

View PDF of Sleep Chart Graph with Data
View PDF of Sleep Chart Graph Only
View Image of Sleep Chart Graph

We put two articles about incidents where bed checks did not happen even though policies and procedures were in place to assure that they did.  There are many more stories like these ones below. (Click to read entire story)
Nursing staff at a state mental hospital watched television, slept and lied about making bed checks while a Chevy Chase woman lay dead in her room after she was strangled with shoelaces, a state investigation found.

A rape involving two mentally diminished male sex offenders at a care facility in Minneapolis occurred when a staff member failed to make the required overnight bed checks, state health officials said Thursday.