BehaviorTools™ History

The training model that the PCMA BehaviorTools™ courses are based on was originally developed and subsequently adapted by a dedicated team of noted Board Certified Behavior Analysts and is based on the landmark work of Dr. Glenn Latham, a prominent Psychologist, Behavior Analyst, Author and Presenter. The course material is consistent with current best practices in applied behavioral science. The strategies (“Tools”) included in this curriculum have been taught throughout the state of Florida for a number of years and have resulted in important outcomes for hundreds of individuals and human services organizations.

While they are too numerous to name in their entirety, PCMA wishes to acknowledge and thank the following individuals for their significant contributions to the field of behavior analysis in general and specifically for the role they played in the evolution of the model that led to the creation of the BehaviorTools™ Course.

Michael Hemingway Jan Montgomery
Glenn Latham Bob Roberts
Michael Stoutimore Patricia Fitzsimmons
Teresa Rodgers Kristin Knapp-Ines
Bryon Neff Ingo Bergsteinsson
Stacie Neff Timothy Vollmer
Cathy Williams Glen Dunlap
Michael Cripe Hewitt B. “Rusty” Clark
Brian Jacobson