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Winter Holiday Break

The Professional Crisis Management Association will be closing for the winter holiday on December 20th and we will not reopen until January 2nd. If you need training materials, please be sure to get your order in before December 17th - our last shipment date.

The emailed Retraining packets and Upgrade packets will, of course, be available online just keep in mind that you must print the materials you order within 24-hours of payment.

Heading to CalABA in January? Come see us at our booth!

New PCM Instructor Certification Course added!

Exciting New Book! Adventures In Special Education

This book is intended to assist behavior analysts, special educators, and other professionals in their treatment of persons with disabilities who exhibit behavior problems in classroom settings. If you’re trying to understand behavior so that you can figure out 1) how you can behave differently, 2) how to change the environment, and 3)how to pick skills to teach, then this book is for you. The book contains 45 minutes of video of Dr. Winston as he introduces each chapter and there is also a bonus embedded PowerPoint presentation on how to reduce/eliminate restraint use.

"Dr. Winston’s book is a great read for all parents, educators and anyone who deals with students with behavioral challenges, whether they have disabilities or no labels at all. The real life examples were both humorous and thought provoking. I believe this book will make a big change in how we all look at labels, reinforcement, and many other things that affect how we treat and educate children. It will make us better practitioners, parents and educators. I would highly recommend this book and I plan to use it for training my own staff.”

- Patty Corrigan

"I became acquainted with Fred and Lisa Schmidt years ago while attending a Florida Association for Behavior Analysis Conference in Orlando, Florida.
They presented their Scan Graphix system at the conference and I was quite impressed with its capabilities. I presented the software to my ESE section and they, too, were impressed and we decided to purchase a number of site licenses and 20 scanners to accommodate the needs of our district. At the time I was hand charting data on well over 80 students and was looking for a way to lighten this load. Scan Graphix was the answer and still is.
Our Scan Graphix system has worked flawlessly over time. The few technical issues the software presented were handled in a timely and professional manner and system down time was never more than a day in better than 4 years. That’s excellent. System installation was quick and efficient and maintenance quite minimal.
I would strongly recommend Scan Graphix to anyone needing to handle and display data for a large number of clients across multiple locations in a timely, cost-effective and efficient manner."

Chip Bryan
Behavior Analyst

"I wanted to let you know that I have been, and continue to be, extremely impressed by the integrity with which the Professional Crisis Management Association conducts both their clinical training and the customer service aspect of their business. Whenever someone asks me about Professional Crisis Management training or the Professional Crisis Management Association, I tell them in all honesty that I feel that the organization is run by people who genuinely respect other people (practitioners, clients, trainees, patients, etc.). As a Professional Crisis Management Instructor, it is nice to be a part of a company that conducts business and clinical practice with high ethical standards. You all are doing an excellent job maintaining an impressive and dignified reputation."

Rebekah Wotton
M. Ed., BCBA, Asst. Director of ABA