CARES 5.0 Information

Clinical and Administrative Risk Evaluation Software or CARES

CARES uses bar code technology to input data. CARES shows individual and aggregate data for each person served, classroom, home, facility, school, wing, or any other organizational grouping, allowing team members, administration, reviewing agency, and families to quickly and easily see progress reports and graphs. CARES tracks:

Goals and objectives Demographics
Skills Acquisition Dietary information
Challenging Behavior Medications
Incidents Medical and lab information
Restraints Case Notes
Restrictive Procedures Sleep data
Token Economy System    
Personal Inventory Items
Time Spent with Client and Billing Units
Basic Employee Time Card

Scangraphix is used in many different service settings:

Schools Mental health providers
Residential facilities Consultants
Community providers Hospitals (inpatient and outpatient)
Vocational providers    

CARES can assist in meeting federal and state reporting guidelines, particularly the new state requirements for the state and federal Department of Education. CARES shows both individual and aggregate data on all areas tracked.

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