PCMA Program Designer

Nexxus Gate, LLC introduces the most advanced tool for providing quality human services.

Choosing the right tool for any job can be a difficult decision. Quick and easy access to data is a key component to providing competent and timely service and interventions to clients . Managers and others writing programming, analyzing data, and providing risk management need information NOW, organized in a meaningful and useful format. Data entry needs to be efficient and easy enough for almost anyone to enter data properly. Tables and graphs should be flexible, easy to understand, and quick to produce. Graph settings should be set to defaults that reflect your needs and shouldn’t need to be “re-done” with each new graph. Does this accurately reflect YOUR data needs? Have you found a product that meets ANY or ALL of these needs? No?… Meet PCMA Program Designer On-line

Some of the things our online system can do for you

  • Easy Attendance Tracking

  • Goal recording for active treatment with monthly graphs and reports.

  • Simple data entry, graphs, and reports for documenting Incidents, Restraints, Behaviors, and Medications.

  • Create Extensive Annual Plan Summaries and Implementation Plans that automatically populate reports and graphs from documented goals, Behaviors, Incidents, Restraints, and Medications with a click of a button.

  • Easily track all expiration dates for Behavior Plans, Employee Trainings and Certifications, Etc.
    Web based software so any computer with proper permissions to the data, access to the Internet and a browser can utilize the software.

  • A proven track record of High Performance, Security and Success with other Facilities there in Florida.

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