PCMA/Nexxus Gate Software History

PCMA software solutions started in 2010 when PCMA acquired Nexxus Gate, LLC, a software company dedicated to human service software solutions. Nexxus Gate, LLC was started in September 2003 by a software programmer and a human service professional who previously worked as direct care professional, program coordinator, behavior intervention specialist, special education teacher, and other areas. Nexxus Gate developed and market the Scan Graphix, CARES (Clinical and Administrative Risk Evaluation Software), and Behavior Tools Online, which is now the PCMA Program Designer on-line.

The company and products started with the concept that many facilities were using multiple databases to track different areas of services (e.g. pharmacy software to track medications, excel databases to track behavior, QMRP software to track goals and objectives, etc.). The problem with this model of computer application is that there are errors in each database that preclude accuracy of information thus leading to adverse effects for the person being served. For example, if the behavior databases do not work with the pharmacy application, the implementation of a pain medication protocol may not be shared with the behavior analyst. This protocol may have a profound effect on the behavior of the person served without the behavior specialist being aware of the new protocol. The behavior analyst draws the wrong conclusion from his/her data and programming decisions are made on incorrect data, in short, mistakes, sometimes quite serious, are made due to lack of information sharing and collaboration.

Nexxus Gate applications provided a platform for all professionals to share information, pharmacy, behavior, psychology, goals and objectives, demographics, etc. All reports allowed for this information to be cross referenced and shared with the entire team.

Scan Graphix: This application uses a bar code scanner to input information and shows data on medications, goals, objectives, skills acquisition, unusual incidents, restraints, challenging behaviors, and much more. Sleep data is included in the system and can show that 15 minute (or other interval) checks are occurring throughout the night/sleeping hours. This system is smaller and reports on single individuals served only. Reports are primarily used by teams providing services for each individual, smaller facilities, and private providers. The Scan Graphix system is much less expensive and is available for purchase with networking options.

C.A.R.E.S.: (Clinical and Administrative Risk Evaluation Software) This application also uses a bar code scanner to input data. All of the areas tracked within the Scan Graphix application are included in the CARES application. However, the CARES application includes extensive risk management reports with aggregate data divided into groups as specified by the end user. Sleep data is included in the system and can show that 15 minute (or other interval) checks are occurring throughout the night/sleeping hours. This program works well for larger facilities and state agencies with more extensive reporting requirements. The CARES system comes standard with more extensive support options. The application is designed to be networked, but is generally more expensive than the smaller Scan Graphix system.

PCMA software solutions continues to focus on human service providers, their needs and their concerns Our professionals are available for consultation on the applications, the application of the information gained through the data, and other areas of service provisions.