PCMA's Company Mission and Values

Our Mission:

The Professional Crisis Management Association is committed to providing an improved quality of life for children, adults, and their families in education and human services through leadership and excellence in behavior analysis, crisis management, training, credentialing, evaluation and technology.

Our Values and Principles:

PCMA, as an organization, is driven by a set of core values and principles. All PCMA training programs and services incorporate these same guiding principles at all levels (instructors, practitioners, consumers, etc).

They are:

    Human beings have a basic right to humane and dignified treatment.

    Human beings have a right to safety and freedom from pain.

    Human beings have a basic right to freedom of choice.

    The least restrictive alternative that is likely to be effective is critical to safety and success of individuals.

    Teaching and support strategies must be as positive, pro-active and non-coercive as possible.

    Teaching and support strategies must utilize proven principles of effective behavior change, such as
    continuous feedback, behavioral shaping, and fading of cues and assistance.

PCMA cares deeply about you, your family, your organization.