PCMA Certification Services

When it comes to certification in crisis management, PCMA offers the most established and legitimate certification program in existence.

PCMA is a credentialing body and as such, is responsible for setting and maintaining high standards that can meet the rigorous standards of many agencies across the nation. A certification is essentially a guarantee that signifies that an individual received a minimum amount and quality of training.

Legitimate credentialing bodies, such as the American Heart Association, the Behavior Analysis Certification Board and PCMA, meet the following criteria:


Highly Educated and Credentialed Experts

Legitimate credentialing bodies are staffed by highly educated and credentialed experts in the given field who set the standards according to current standards of practice. It would not make sense for an organization to claim to be a credentialing body if it were not staffed by those who are experts in the field for which they are setting standards.

PCMA’s staff of Board Certified Behavior Analysts is unmatched in experience and expertise in the field of crisis management.


Objective and Independent Certification

Certification is determined objectively and independently of users. Some crisis management providers claim to have a certification program, but in reality, they allow instructors to make “judgment calls” with respect to who passes the course, the content of trainings, the duration of trainings and other important factors that should not be left to individuals who are not qualified to make those determinations. As a result, a “certification” from one of these agencies is not a reliable indication of the amount or quality of training received, and would not “hold water” under scrutiny.

PCMA maintains a truly independent and valid certification process.


High Certification Standards

Sufficiently high standards are set to maintain the level of quality that a certification “guarantees”. Based on 25 years of credentialing experience, the PCMA has established performance and training standards that result in the appropriate level of attainment and retention of non-physical and physical skills. All PCMA courses for certification include written and practical exams and participants in PCM courses additionally must complete a specific number of documented correct repetitions of each skill. This ensures fluency and retention of the skill over time.

PCMA also ensures quality by limiting the size of classes and setting minimum durations for trainings.


Proper Certification Records Maintenance

Proper maintenance and accountability of certification is conducted through documentation of certificate performance and status. Some organizations that claim to be legitimate credentialing bodies do not keep a central record of those who have been certified in their courses. As a result, they cannot attest to the qualifications of any given individual to use the skills they teach. This lack of accountability can cause serious problems for user organizations.

PCMA processes and scores all course materials and maintains a database that is independent, accurate and easy to access. Proof of the status of any person’s qualifications is available round the clock.

Crisis Management Certification through PCMA is the only way to go!