Why Choose Professional Crisis Management?

PCM is unlike any other crisis management system in existence. Listed below are some of the reasons why. If you would like more details on what sets PCM apart, please feel free to speak with a PCMA representative or request a no-cost, no-obligation web based presentation.

Humanistic and ethics driven, PCM minimizes coercion and maximizes individual choice.

PCM enjoys an excellent reputation and an exceptional record of safety.

PCM focuses on prevention, unlike other methods that start when an individual is already non-compliant, agitated or aggressive.

PCM's highly effective physical procedures are completely free from pain, discomfort or awkward positioning, that can damage therapeutic relationships and escalate physiology.

PCM procedures fit together like "puzzle pieces" making them easy for staff to learn and easy for individuals to predict.

PCM is highly flexible, meeting the needs of various organizations and governmental bodies and includes a full range of interventions for all populations, ages and ability levels.

PCM uses clearly defined utilization criteria to prevent overuse and underuse, resulting in increased safety.

PCM is the only crisis management system that provides a truly independent certification program. PCMA's high certification standards protect user organizations and provide a high degree of fidelity and accountability.

PCM meets all regulatory standards including CMS, JCAHO, COA, CARF and qualifies for ARRA funding.

PCMA’s online database includes PCM instructor and practitioner training and certification results.

E-mail prompts are sent directly to administrators and instructors to help keep staff certifications current.

PCMA staff support is available immediately via phone or e-mail.

PCM training results in greater staff confidence and increased morale, resulting in greater productivity.

PCM is cost effective and can reduce expenses related to property damage, staff turnover, staff sick time, workers compensation claims, liability risks, and other undesired events.

PCM training results in fewer incidents of violent and aggressive behavior and more desired outcomes for individuals who are served.

Customized training is available at your facility or at PCMA headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

PCM meets all known guidelines and best practice standards.