PCMA Leadership and Experts

Neal Fleisig, CEO and President

Neal Fleisig, M.S., BCBA, has over 28 years of experience in treating children and adults who exhibit severely aggressive and self-injurious behavior. He is the Executive Director of the Professional Crisis Management Association, and author of Professional Crisis Management. Mr. Fleisig received his B.A. in psychology at George Washington University, Washington, D.C., and his Master's Degree in clinical psychology from Nova University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Mr. Fleisig is a

Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Crisis Management Instructor Trainer & Consultant

Furthermore, he has specialized expertise with individual, group, class room and school-wide classroom management and behavior management procedures. He is also trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy and biofeedback techniques and has worked as a clinical therapist for a number of years. Mr. Fleisig serves as a behavior consultant to hospitals, schools, and community based facilities that work with individuals who exhibit severe aggressive and self-injurious behavior. Neal Fleisig has served numerous times as an expert witness and legal consultant relating to crisis management and behavior analysis, including work for the Legal Aid Corporation of America.


Merrill Winston, Vice President and Director of Program Development

Merrill Winston Ph.D., BCBA is a Behavior Analyst who has worked in the field of Developmental Disabilities for over 20 years.

He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and majored in Psychology. It was at the University of Florida as an undergraduate that he first began his work with persons with developmental disabilities. He earned his Ph.D., in 1992 after which he moved back to Florida and worked for 9 years as the Senior Behavior Analyst at a large state-run residential facility for adults with developmental disabilities. He has been with the PCMA since 2002

Dr. Winston is a

Board Certified Behavior Analyst with specialties in Developmental Disabilities & Behavior Disorders, Crisis Management Instructor Trainer & Consultant

who specializes in the analysis and treatment of severe behavior disorders with special populations. His range of treatment experience includes feeding disorders, self-injury, severe aggression, language acquisition, and skill acquisition problems. Dr. Winston is a popular speaker at conferences and conducts presentations on a wide variety of topics in behavior analysis including psychotropic medication usage, mental illness, autism, exceptional student education, assessment and treatment of behavior problems, IEP goal selection and measurement, and a variety of conceptual issues as they relate to conducting behavior analysis in applied settings.

Dr. Winston has worked in a variety of settings including private homes, group homes, large institutions, secured facilities, schools and day-treatment programs. He is an experienced expert witness and frequently consults with attorneys, parents and advocates of persons with disabilities. He currently spends at least one day a week as the Behavior Analysis Consultant for Palm Beach County Schools, which is the 11th largest school district in the nation. He sees children in special education classrooms throughout Palm Beach County’s 184 Schools. Like other PCMA professional staff Dr. Winston is an accomplished Martial Artist, giving him a thorough understanding of body mechanics and movement. He has worked “hands on” with a variety of individuals with severe aggression and self-injury and has worked side by side with direct care staff in a variety of settings.